So many apps!


Lots and lots of people have smartphones these days. I have a Samsung galaxy SII. It’s not the newest and it already has a scratch on the display but still, it works. Every month I try out new apps and games on my mobile untill it is full. My mobile memory is full all the time and that’s mostly because of the many updates the apps require. Because of that I started thinking about a tablet. (and it would be super awesome to have one off course!)
I bought the Sony Xperia Z. It works fantastic! Quick, waterproof and has an amazing screen. Now I have even more space to install apps on. Wanna see wich apps I have on my tablet and phone? Keep reading…~!

Social apps:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Circle
Circle is an app just like Twitter only it shows posts of random people in your neighbourhood or City. Great way to see what people in your town are doing, and maybe get to know them.

4. Scope
Scope is an app that combines many social media hubs together. You can stream your Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, instagram and foursquare posts.

5. Tumblr
Sometimes I just want to leave short comments or reblog fun images, then tumblr comes in very handy. Follow me : joanym-

Photo posting and editing apps:


6. Pinterest

7. We heart it

8. Aviary
Aviary has a few pretty free filters for your photos, you can also download stickers for free. If you want anything else you will have to pay.

9. PicsArt
This photo editing app has more features like put an effect over your photo, make a collage or draw on your photo.

10. Pixlr Express
This is my absolute favorite photo editing app. You have so many features, effects and overlays for your photo, and it is totally free! You should definately check it out!

11. Pics
Also one off my favorite apps. Here you can share your photos with the world. But the most cool feature this app has is the fact that they have assignments every day, well, more like photo ideas to share. You can take a picture or you can upload an old one. It is wayyy fun!

Fun apps

12. Been together
In this app you can upload a photo of you and your boyfriend, insert the date you got together and the app says how many days you two have been together. You can also add it to your homepage as a widget so you always know how long you have with your love!

13. PlayStation app
The official PlayStation 4 app. You can link your ps4 with your mobile app and stay up to date about updates and your Friends activities.

14. Google +

15. Draw adventure time free
It’s also sort of a game, they show you in several steps how to make characters from the awesome serie Adventure time.

16. Springpad
Browse through the internet and save webpages through springpad. You can also add your own notebooks with favorite movies, recepies or you can add a to do list. Multifunctional!

17. Utorrent

18. YouTube

19. Video maker pro

20. Animoto
In the free version you can add 12 pictures and put them in a theme with a song. Together your pictures will be in an animated movie with the song you picked. It’s actually a lot of fun because the movie can’t be longer then 35 seconds.

Handy apps:

21. Outlook

22. Gmail

23. Chrome
It is one of the fastest browsers.

24. Advanced task killer

26. Jorte Calender
This is the most fun calender app I could find. The rest are boring but Jorte has cool features, with every appointment you can add an icon, and you can choose different color themes.

27. Skype

28. Skydrive
The cloud for Windows users, since I have a Windows computer I needed to try it and it actually works pretty good.

Dutch apps:
Since I’m from Holland, here a few Dutch apps I use.

29. Reclamefolder
The folders we used to get in our mailbox are now on an app.

30. 9292
Traveling information.

31. Marktplaats
A website where anyone can sell anything.

32. NS. Reisplanner
Train traveling information

Website where you can order many items

34. Thuisbezorgd
With this app you can select a company and have them deliver food, you can pay online.

Wow ~! 34 apps on my tablet and phone and I haven’t even summed up the games.

I will keep you updated if I find another usefull or fun app!

– JoanyM

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