Mobile gaming, YAY!


The app store is filled with mobile games and when I got my first smartphone I’ve tried almost every game I could find. Most off them got deleted almost instantly but still, there are a few games wich I still play. (1 and a half year later)

Mobile gaming is different from gaming on a console or handheld (well duh…). What I mean by this is that games for your mobile are differently made. A lot off them are time-based. You get messages on your phone like : ‘come back to the game, your house/crops/food/person is done.’ Or they notify you about your ‘life energy’ that is restored and you can come back and play some more. If I were to have all the free time in the world that would be fine but well, I don’t. Still I do these kind of games, but only if the game has actions which take longer then 4 hours.

Off course you also have games you can play without a time clock running. I have a few off them and I only play them if I’m really bored and there is nothing else to do in my other games.

So what games do I play? Here’s the list:

1. The Simpsons Tapped out.
This game, created by EA is by far my favorite mobile game. I’ve had it for a year now and it still doesn’t get boring. The game starts with Homer and an empty dirty field. There your story begins, springfield is nuked and you are the person to rebuild it. When you complete goals you get new characters or items and after a while you have your very own springfield up and running. The most fun part is that the game has a story, because of this game, I started watching the Simpsons again because they use so many things from episodes. (old and new!) So if you don’t have this game yet, download for free!

2. The Sims Freeplay
I played this game for a while when I first got my smartphone but after a few months I stopped playing. I started to play the sims on the computer and that was much more satisfying. But a few weeks ago I started playing again from the beginning. Immediatly I noticed that there were a lot of changes that I didn’t know about. The game is still growing and once every while there is a new update. I don’t play the sims on the computer anymore and now I find this mobile version of the sims satisfying enough for me. I will review the game soon in an article there you will find all the ins and outs of the game. If you like the sims, don’t hesitate to download this game. Just a small warning though; it’s very addictive!


3. Adventure town
This game is still very new to me but I really like it a lot! You start in a small village with one hero. Around your city, weird monsters are terrorizing the lands. It’s up to you to save the village from monsters, and build a big city where everybody is safe. Once you start leveling up, you get more heroes. You can customize these heroes with different outfits, hair, weapons, sheilds and armor. With the money you get from taxes in your town you can buy new weapons or upgrade them. I think this kind of game is an improvement for games where you only need to build your city.

4. Wordfeud
Yes, I still play this game. In the beginning I had a lot of different games going with different people but now I only play it with my mom. She likes it because then she can also chat with me. She got a tablet for her birthday from my dad and she plays the game with many of my family members. I actually only put down a word if I get a notification that my game will expire.

5. Little Legends
This game is a lot of fun when you have a lot of free time. It is also a game where you have to build a town, and it also has heroes. In your town is a portal that gets your heroes to dungeons or fighting fields. Complete quests there to level up your heroes. What is very fun about this game is that it is an MMORPG. ( massively multiplayer online role-playing game ) That means that on the fighting fields you can meet other players and complete dungeons with them. For a mobile game I think this is very cool and it looks great. So do you have a lot of free time? Try it!

I also play candy crush saga, pet rescue saga and jelly splash. These games are very similair and I only play them when I’m really bored or have to wait for the bus or something.

What kind of mobile games do you play? Know any of my games or tried them out? Let me know!

– JoanyM

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3 thoughts on “Mobile gaming, YAY!

  1. Ik speel zelf niet zo vaak mobile games eigenlijk. Laatst was ik wel verslaafd aan Final Fantasy: All The Bravest voor de mobiel, beetje doelloos spel maar wel grappig :p

    Mijn vriend had trouwens voor school nog iets vets gemaakt. Hij had een game gemaakt die je kunt besturen met je mobiel 😀 Dat was wel heel apart.

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