Jake wallet!


WOW ~!  When I found this in in my mailbox it looked even better than on the website! So this is my new wallet, like it? Let me explain a little bit in case you don’t know the awesome Cartoon Network serie: Adventure Time!


Adventure Time is a cartoon serie about Finn, a human boy and Jake the dog. They live in a magical world full of wonders. Finn has the ultimate goal of being a hero, and together with Jake, they live all sorts of adventures. What is special about Jake, he can stretch or change his appearence however he wants.


That makes it even more funny that I now always have Jake with me in the form of a wallet, because according to the serie he actually can! In the series Finn is a boy who is 13 years old, but the serie is very watchable for grown-ups too. This serie is so different from everything I know, you should really check it out. And the best part: every episode is only 10 minutes!

The serie has 5 seasons and it’s still growing. I’m at the end of season 4 and I have to say it: yes, it gets better and better!

Do you also watch Adventure time? Let me know what you think about it!

– JoanyM

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