Jar of 2014 ~ DIY!


My jar for all the best stuff of 2014! It was a simple white jar with protiens, but since I have wayy too much cute stickers I figured I’d pimp it up with them. This is a very easy project that lasts all year! I’ve written the idea on the back of the jar so I would always get inspiration to put something in my jar! So what is the idea?~

‘Starting January, write good things that happen on little pieces of paper:
     – Suprise gifts
     – Accomplished goals
     – ‘lol’ moments
     – Memories worth saving
     – Beautifull things (moments)
Then on December 31st, open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened in 2014!’

Off course you can add anything you want to the list, and use anything for a jar! Maybe even an old cooking pan, as long as it is something where you can collect your little pieces of paper. And how cool would it be to open the jar (or cooking pan or any other container) on December the 31st and see a lot of precious memories and moments all on one big pile. My idea for the little notes is to put them in a photo album with pictures of the year 2014 too.

Some of my friends are doing this too and we agreed to help each other out by remembering one another. I think that will definately help fill te jar.

Do you also have a jar like this? Or do you do something else fun? Let me know!

– JoanyM

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