The Simpsons Tapped out – Update


Today, it is over… The holiday special of the Simpsons Tapped out is done and now my Springfield has no more snow and as you can see on the image, even my snowpeople are melting. But WOW what an amazing update was that! First you got a weird looking christmas tree (not the one in the picture) and then it started raining presents! In these presents were giftcards and the more you got, the more items you could unlock!

In this game you can purchase donuts and with them you can buy limited items. Normally with the Simpsons update, I didn’t get enough ‘giftcards’ (in every update they call it a different name) to unluck every item, so you could buy them with donuts. I never pay for mobile games so this time it was again the question, will I get all the limited items?

YES! I made it! Without paying anything you can still get every limited item, as long as you play enough. Once a day you would get a spin coin and you could also spin for extra items, giftcards or money. All the snow people I won with the spin token. They usually looked like this:


I wonder if my melted snowpeople will stay or that they will melt away. What I still have, and I also won that with the spin tokens, are my christmas houses. Now I can switch the houses to regular or christmas edition.


Did you also enjoy this update? What did you win with the spin tokens? Let me know!

(Do you still have snow in your Springfield? Go to the app store and update your version of the game.)

– JoanyM

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