Picture, picture, movie!

Yes, I’m also on instagram! My username is ‘JoanyM_’ and the video above is my own little promo trailer for it! There you see a few photo’s I made and put on instagram. How did I make this movie? Looks really good right? Well, I only needed to upload my photo’s and a song and the app did the rest! I think this is a very good online DIY. Maybe you can make your own promo movie for your instagram, webshop or blog!

In my post ‘So many apps!’ I mentioned this app before. The app is called Animoto and as you can see it looks fantastic! I only have the free version, but I’m seriously thinking about upgrading. In the free version you can add a maximum of 12 photo’s. Your movie will last about 35 seconds and the music will be cut off if you have a song that is longer.

And the themes you can choose.. WOW! There are so many, and so beautifully made. Here another example of another theme with some photo’s of me. I also added some text so you can see how that turns out.

It took me a while to figure out how to get the video on YouTube so it would show here, but it worked. So if you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask!

I also created another blog, Just JoanyM , this is a blog for online challenges. I don’t want to spam this blog with all those photo’s. Take a look if your interested!

Do you have a blog or photo challenge? Let me know, I would love to participate!

Did you try out the Animoto app? Show me!

– JoanyM

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