My Wii U Experience


Yes I bought a Wii U and I’m really glad I did! Want to know why?

Last summer me and my boyfriend both bought a Nintendo 3ds XL. After a few weeks we were totally hooked and we knew the Wii U was out. We weren’t sure if we should buy it. There were only a few games you could play on it so maybe we should wait… A week later we were in the store and we looked at the games for the Wii U, and we saw a new Super Mario Bros, and as it is for the Wii U, we could play it in full HD! We couldn’t resist, who can turn down Mario in HD?!

We bought the premium pack because it had more GB memory, and it was black! With the premium pack we got the game Nintendo Land which had pretty good minigames I have to admit. Especially the Luigi hide and seek game.

We kinda didn’t know what to expect of the touch pad controller, but it actually playes really well. There are a lot of games which totally benefit from it while others don’t do much with it. A lot of people don’t really get the whole touchpad idea and find it unnecessary. I strongly disagree. Fun fact: Nintendo intended the touchpad controller for the Wii but it didn’t work so well with it so they made the Wii U.

The Wii U has an online function too. It’s called Miiverse, and it’s now also on the 3ds. It’s an online community where you can post about your game or something and other people can read, like or comment on it. Some games intergrate this really well and make it really fun to read other posts from other players all over the world!

Let’s have a look at the games I have:


The Wii U also playes the normal Wii games, which comes in quite handy if you never had a Wii. I wanted to make a top 10 but every game is so different, unique and awesome that I will just sum them all up:

This game is very fun for more people. You have a few games you can play by yourself but for the most part it’s a party game for more people. You have a lot of different levels and games. Every game on Nintendoland is with characters you know from other Nintendo games. This makes it even more fun to play.
Touchpad: As this is a Wii U only game, the touchpad is very cool. Example: In the Luigi ghost game one person is the ghost, he gets to hold the touchpad, and his goal is to catch Luigi. The other person(s) is Luigi and has to shine his flashlight at the ghost. On the tv screen the ghost is invisible but on the touchpad the ghost can see the other player(s). Cool huh!

Lego City undercover
Yes smarty pants, this game is not in the picture but I did have it, and played it. I played about 15 hours of the game and decided that is wasn’t really my thing. It is beautifully made though and the storyline was very funny. I also haven’t seen so much movie references in a game EVER. The thing why I didn’t want to play anymore was because it was a bit easy. I don’t mind an easy game but since this game is an open world, I want to explore and go everywhere by myself. This game sets a route for you where you should go, what you should do. So not really my thing.
Touchpad: In the game you get lots of phone calls, the touchpad is your device where ou can answer them and see who’s calling. You also use this device as a scanner, you can see through walls and pick up heat signals, really cool.

Zombie U
Also not in the picture, borrowed it to a friend of mine. The fun thing about this game is that whenever your character gets bitten by a zombie, it turns and you will be ported in someone elses body. In your new body you can run into your old character as a zombie.
Touchpad: Your tv screen will only show your character in the zombie world. On the touchpad you can find your map, lives etcetera. Normally this would be in your tv screen too. I think this enhances the overall game experience if it is not in your tv screen.

Zelda the windwaker
This game looks totally awesome! The graphics are so beautifully made, and so different. I still have to play this game but my boyfriend already did play the whole game. The whole world looks magical and there are so many funny little creatures. It’s easier then other Zelda games but still it is a challenge! Fun fact: In this game you tavel a lot over water and you can find little bottles with notes inside them. Other players have left a note or you can put in a note yourself. All of this goes through Miiverse.
Touchpad: In this game you can control the wind, this you can see on your touchpad. You can also find your items and your map here.

Rayman Legends
I never played Rayman when I was young and I didn’t know what to expect but this game was very fun! You have a lot of characters to play with and the world looks magical. They also have music levels who really rock!
Touchpad: In some levels you really need the touchpad to open doors or cut down ropes, very nice!


Nes Remix
In the picture above you see all kinds of games from a long time ago! One of the first Zelda, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong (jr), exitebike and so on. You cqn buy this game in the Nintendo e-shop for a small price. They made new levels of the games and they made remix stages. The more you play, the more levels and games you will unlock. This actually is one of my all time favorite games.
Touchpad: Does nothing much except show you the exact same screen as the tv.

Wii party U
This game is a new party game for the Wii U. I’m not that much of a fan of the other party games because it are just short games. Only this version has board games. You play with your own Mii (you can make one in the Wii U menu) who looks like you. Before every round there is a minigame and whoever wins gets more dices to throw then the rest. One games lasts for about 1 hour and a half.
Touchpad: Sometimes in the board game you will have 1 vs the rest and the person who is alone playes with the touchpad. They also have a whole section of games like table football just for the touchpad. You don’t even need your tv for those games.

Super Mario Bros. U
This is the first game we played on the Wii U. And the game is similair to previous versions only the fact that it’s all in HD makes it really awesome to play. There are many levels and it gets really difficult at the end, which is really cool. There are also a lot of bonus levels, so you can play this game for hours!
Touchpad: The touchpad is only necassary for someone who doesn’t play. If you have four people on the normal controllers playing, a fifth person can hold the touchpad and help them. You can catch the persons as they fall or unluck bonus items.

Mario 3D world
I think this is my favorite mario of all. It is so different to play Mario in 3D but is is also so much fun! You get used to it quite easily, and the power ups are amazing. How cool is it to change into a cat and climb on anything you can find. There are 6 worlds and more bonus worlds. In the first bonus world you get Rosalina and you can play with her!
Touchpad: The first person playes with the touchpad but doesn’t necessarily have to be Mario, he can aslo choose to be Luigi, Toad or the princess. Sometimes in certain levels you will get pop-ups for the touchpad. For instance sometimes you have to blow into the microphone to get yourself forward.

Wii game: Mario Party 9
This is a game for the Wii. Nevertheless it is so much fun to play! We used to play a lot of board games when I was young (wasn’t allowed digital gaming till I was 12! I’m still so jealous at everyone who ever had a game boy) and maybe that is why I like this game so much. It’s a digital board game which has a lot of minigames in it. You can play different boards and every one of them has different features and challenges. The graphics are a bit old since it is still a Wii game but that doesn’t matter at all, you forget about it because the game is so much fun!

Wii game: Zelda: Twilight princess
We just got this game actually, and my boyfriend has about 10 hours in it so far. The overall gameplay is about 60 hours so he will be busy for a while. This is actually a game cube game, but it was ported for the Wii. The Wii version has wide-screen, so that’s pretty awesome. The graphics are old, but I have to admit that it kinda has a nice feel to it. They use a lot of light which makes the whole game sparkle and look pretty. What is a lot of fun about it is that it workes with motion control with the Nunchuck controller. So if you want to hit with your sword you will actually be hitting in the air in front of your tv.

Those are my games for the Wii U. I don’t know if I should buy Pikmin 3, in the reviews they said it to be awesome but well maybe if it’s in sale one day. I have so much left to play!

I hope you are as enthusiastic as me about the Wii U and if your still not convinced to buy one here are some titles that will come out this year:

Donkey Kong Country: tropical freeze (february, 21st in North America and Europe)
Mario kart 8 (Spring 2014)
Super Smash Bros.
Hyrule warriors
And a whole new Zelda story only available on the Wii U.

– JoanyM

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3 thoughts on “My Wii U Experience

  1. Wii UUUUU! Ik wil ook een Wii U, haha D: Binnenkort komt Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze uit, die lijkt me zo vet šŸ˜€ Deel 1 had ik ook helemaal uitgespeeld en de ‘secret banana level’ heb ik een beetje gecheat xD Ik heb voor die level twee spelers gekozen en in m’n eentje uitgespeeld, hehe. Telkens als er dan een aapje dood was, pakte ik die andere weer ;D

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