Still playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf


I bought this game in June and the game is for the Nintendo 3ds. I have the 3ds XL version in red. I’ve never played the game before but it sure looked like fun! Want to know if you should buy the game (of course you should, it’s awesome!) or do you just want to read a lot of ins and outs of the game. Here you have an article explaining everything there is to do within 100 hours of gameplay ~!

As you start the game you arrive in a city, you can name the city anything you want, I didn’t have much inspiration so I called it: LeafCity. I had to answer some questions in the train, later I would find out that my answers to those questions would determine how I would look in the game. The cute little animals living in my town came to greet me and said I needed to go to the townshall. Things are explained there and you get to go to your tent. Yes, you don’t get a house but a tent. If you want a house you will have to pay 10.000 bells (bells are the things they call money). But how do you get money? Well, there is a recycle shop in your little village where you can sell almost anything. There are a few primary ways to get bells.

1. Bug catching
You will have to buy a net in the shop, there is only one street who has shops, so go there. You can sell your catches in the recycle shop, some bugs or butterflies are worth more so get to it!

2. Fishing
You can buy a fishing rod in the shop as well. Now you can fish in the sea and the river.

3. Shaking trees
When you shake trees with fruit on them they will fall out of the tree and you can pick them up. You can decide if you want to plant another tree (you need a shovel to do that) or sell the fruit. Every town has it’s own fruit, these will bring up less bells then any other fruit. You can get other fruit from other players in their town. When you shake a tree that doesn’t have fruit on it there are 4 things that can happen: 1. Nothing. 2. Furniture falls out of the tree. 3. A coin worth 100 bells falls out. 4. A beehive falls out of the tree. When option 4 happens you better run because bees will follow you and sting you. Hide in the nearest house to avoid that.

In the beginning this is pretty much it, but it will get better. After you’ve paid for your house, you will get to go to the island. (you can find the boat on the seashore) Every trip costs 1000 bells but brings in even more. There you have exotic fruits you can take home and plant in your village. They will earn more bells. If you go to the island after 19.00 there will be creatures and fish that are worth more then others. This way you earn more bells. On the island you also have fun mini games, and with them you can earn medals. With these medals you can buy a swimsuit, and you can dive for treasures and sea-creatures in your own town. You can also take other people with you to the island, or meet random people there! You need to connect to the internet if you want to meet random people.


As I said there is only one shopping street. On the right there is a museum. Here you can donate your catches, fish, bugs, sea creatures. There is also a department for fossils. These fossils are burried in your town and each day you can find a maximum of 4. They are marked with an X on the ground. You need a shovel to dig it up off course. Go to the museum to examine the fossils (the owl will do that for you) you can choose to donate the fossils or not. My tip, donate them as much as you can, because if you fill your museum, after a few weeks, you will have most of the fossils and you can sell the ones you already have in your museum. They do bring up a lot of money. Mostly around 3000 bells. (per fossile!)

Another catagory is the Art department. It’s not that easy collecting them all since the person who sells the art pieces only comes once a week between 1200-1700 pm. In my town he often shows up on mondays. In his tent are 4 pieces of art, and only one of them is real. I stronly suggest looking it up on the internet because I study art, and even I got them wrong.

So with this game (so far) you can play for a while only the game never really stops. There are so many things to unlock! Each time when you think you know the game by now, something new pops up. If you have played for a couple of days suddenly a new store opens. If you have spent a fair amount of bells in the shop you will unlock a bigger store and so on. Besides that you have really nice townsfolk who also ask for things like public work projects. If you sit in your mayor chair you can choose which one to build. There is a price tag on it though. So back to the fishing/bug catching etc. When I want to complete a project or house loan fast I always go to the island. You have a basket there with all the items you want to take home from the island and if you stuff it with everything you’ve catched, you will earn somewhere in between 80.000 – 100.000. That speeds up the process of endless fishing etc.

So how far am I? Well I’ve played for 95 hours (Yeah that is A LOT!). The things in my town:

Shopping street:
– Dream suite (public works project)
– T & T emporium (biggest store there is for furniture)
– Gardening shop (part of the T & T now)
– Clothing shop
– Accessoires shop
– Hair salon
– Shoe store
– Museum with a second floor (giftshop)
– Lol café
– HHA showcase
– Reds store for house exterior with guy from the HHA in it.

I am not going to list all the public works projects, I’m just going to show you my coolest! It’s the café! I didn’t know the game had one and I could pick my own spot for it! Very, very cool. You can drink coffee in the café, and there is always someone sitting at the bar.


So about your own house. Everytime you want to upgrade your home (first it gets bigger, then you can expand to multiple rooms) you get a loan. Example: I want a bigger room, I go to Red (guy with the loans) ask for a loan and the next day, my room is bigger. You can slowly pay off your loan and when it’s done you can take a new loan etc.

So about my house, I’ve paid a lot and now I have a second floor on my house and an extra room in the back. There are so many upgrades to go I almost feel dizzy but today I read on the internet that if you pay your house in full, (that means every loan there is………) then you will be part of te VIP community and well, that sounds awesome! They have games involving themes for your furniture, and you can win cool prices!

So my goal is to be a VIP. (someday…) But I also have another goal. I’m missing one shop on my street and that is the one of the fortune teller. She appears in a tent randomly in your town, and you need to have your fortune read 20 times before you unlock the store. I didn’t know about this when I started the game so I once got my fortune read and left the tent alone. Now I know I’ve been there about 7 maybe 8 times. Still have a while to go I guess.

So there is SO MUCH more in this game, but then this review/post/article would be extremely long. (as if it isn’t already..) I don’t know if anyone has made it this far. Anyway, if you have questions about the game, feel free to ask!

And I still need lemons… Do you have them in your town? Maybe we can visit each other! Did you also blog about Animal Crossing new leaf? I would love to read it!

– JoanyM

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3 thoughts on “Still playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  1. Ik heb eigenlijk nog nooit een Animal Crossing game gespeeld, hehe. Maar ik hoor er wel veel goede dingen over 😀 Is het eigenlijk een beetje hetzelfde als Harvest Moon? Want aan die games kan ik ook echt verslaafd raken

    • Ja daar lijkt het wel op in de zin van hoe je het spel speelt. Dit was ook mijn eerste Animal Crossing en van wat ik las was dit ook wel een hele uitgebreide versie. Er zitten zoveel gekke dingetjes in en alles wat je doet is altijd goed haha. Er is net aangekondigd dat er ook een nieuwe animal crossing komt voor de Wii u!

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