Instagram + Printic = The new Polaroid?


So I read on another blog about the app Printic and I instantly fell in love. I really like polaroid pictures, they always have some kind of style and feel over them I just can’t explain. Polaroid camara’s are old and very expensive. For most of the models they don’t even make the photo paper that goes in it anymore, or it will cost you your whole salary. Kodak invented a new Polaroid camera and the price is doable but still too expensive for me. So there goes my love for polaroid pictures… I used to cut paper in the shape of the polaroid and put it over my pictures so it would look like it. It looked awesome but it was just to much work.

So now we have instagram, it looks like a digital polaroid when I upload a photo. But still, it is digital. As you can see on the picture above, I did manage to print my instagram photo’s and I have to say, AWESOME!!

When you have downloaded the app Printic you can start by selecting the pictures you want to print. For my first try with this app I took 15 pictures. You can also add text to a picture so I tried that on one of them. (Mario Time!) You can choose 4 fonts. If your pictures are not rectangular, the app does it for you, and you can move or resize your pictures so that you like them.

Since I took my instagram photo’s they were all the right size instantly and I could proceed to the next step. You can add a message to your envelope which makes it also a nice present for a friend!


This is the envelope you get from Printic! The first thing you see when you open up the envelope is the text message you submitted. I just put down Meet JoanyM so I could see what Printic would do with the text. They just put it on a piece of photo paper.

I so love this app and it’s worldwide!! For my pictures I paid €7,05. I don’t know what that is in dollars but get this, NO SHIPPING COSTS.

So start printing, with Printic!

– JoanyM

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