My photo’s serie: The Future


As you might have read on the about page, I study art & Education. In my 3th year we had a very free assignment, The Future. How will the future look like in a million years? Well, I had a rather weird theory. I don’t actually believe this is going to happen but it sure makes a nice scenario.

So how ’bout it? I started to investigate how far science is with robots. They are really far and some robots really look like humans. Only when you are around a robot there is always something that doesn’t feel real, you know the robot is programmed so everything it says or does isn’t real. I found this feeling very interesting and I wanted to give my photo’s this feeling.

My vision beind the photo’s: Imagine the humans developing more and more robotic devices for your body, in the end, humans are nothing more then robots themselves. In this future the robots only have a glimpse of what was a soul left. The robot in the photo’s is trying to get her soul back by reliving human experiences.




I modelled for the pictures myself because it is very hard to find someone else who is willing to go to a store and model like this. I also wanted the model to have a blank expression, like the person is really a robot. I thought my photo’s came out nice, I had a lot more for the exposition at school but then this post will be so long, and these were my favorite.

What do you think about my photo’s? Leave a reply!

– JoanyM

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