Guilty pleasure – House of the Night!


Yeah I like teen books, they sure are my guilty pleasure. I don’t read most of the teen books but this one is so funny and well written. I was in love from the first time I read chapter one of book one. I got the first book for my birthday so I didn’t really know what to expect but I sure didn’t expect this.

First about the story, otherwise I keep mumbling about how great it is and you will never know what I’m talking about.

The main character is Zoey Redbird. In the first book she is 16 and struggling with puberty as we all do on that age. I should mention that she is Cherokee, this is not really a riligion but more a kind of people with their way of living. They believe in nature and live in harmony with it. Ancient magic is said to be in the Cherokee woman.

The difference with the reality in the book with our reality is that Zoey lives in a world where vampires sort of ‘came out of the closet’ and live among humans. Vampires have tattoos on their forehead shaped in something fitting to the person. How do you become a vampire? You get ‘Marked’ (Yes, that is the name of the first book) and as you can guess, Zoey gets marked in her school. When she got marked an outline of a cresent moon is on her forehead showing that she is marked. She feels sick and the sun makes her feel dizzy.

In this story the only way to become a vampire is to get marked, you get chosen by the goddes the vampires believe in. First, you get marked and you have an outline of a cresent moon on your forehead. If this happens you need to be around adult vampires or you will die. Yes, it all sounds very drastic but that’s just the way this story goes. You will have to complete four years of school, growing and learning about being a vampire. Then the change happens, your cresent moon will be filled in and you will have tattoos added on your forehead. Then you are a full vampire. The change doesn’t happen to everyone, when your body is to weak it will resist the change and you will die. That’s one hell of a motivator to stay fit and eat right.

So what about Zoey? Yes, she is special, she doesn’t want to be, but she is. Her ‘step-loser’ (is how she calls her step dad) is very religous and does not agree with the fact that she is becoming a vampire. Zoey sneaks out and goes to the only person who she knew would understand this. Grandma Redbird. When she arrived there her grandma wasn’t there so Zoey tried to find her. It was very sunny outside so Zoey feels very dizzy and weak. At one point she passes out and she sees herself floating over her own body. She thinks she is dead but that’s not the case. She is called by the vampire goddes. The goddes says she wants Zoey to be her eyes and ears on the earth. Zoey is chosen because she is both Cheroke and vampire now.

When Zoey wakes up she is in what they call: a house of the night. Every school for fledgings (baby/teen vampires) is called a house of the night. There you will study about being a vampire and because you are around other grown vamps, you won’t die.

Anyway, Zoey was brought to the school by her grandma who found her unconsious. The high Priestess of the school is welcoming Zoey and askes her about her filled in mark. Zoey looks into the mirror and yes , the crescent moon on her forehead is filled in. Damn, she thinks, I only asked to be normal and now I’m a freak of nature. In all vampire history, this never happened before, so as I said, Zoey is special.

So the books are about Zoey finding her path with her weird mark and new species. She will make friends and enemy’s, fall in love and on top of that, a lot of weird shit is happening on school.

If you like teen books about vampires, this book series is for you. I think with this story ( which stops being so teen after a few books as Zoey grows older) there is a new perspective on vampire species and new things to discover about them. The storyline gets so complex that after a few books you will also read in another persons perspective which makes it even more interesting.

Do you know these books? Or do you have a tip for me to read? Love to hear from you!

– JoanyM

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