My shopaholic ways!


So everytime I’m in a shop I want something, ANYTHING, just to have more stuff. Does this make me a shopaholic? I’d like to think so, but what to do with all this stuff?!

Around new-years eve I got some back problems and had to stay in my bed for over two weeks with medication that made me so high I could only play super easy games on my tablet. I also slept a LOT! So usually I clean the house a little and my boyfriend helps out too. Now my boyfriend had to do everthing and that was okay for a while but at some point he didn’t knew what to do with all my stuff so everything just linguered around. I was glad when I finally could walk around the house ad could help out. I opened my wardrobe and saw everything all messy and disorderly (which was my fault since I didn’t have the energy to put everything in correctly) and something snapped. This was not the way I wanted my house and wardrobe to look like. If I give myself the name: ‘shopaholic’ I’d better be a good one.

So I sat down on the couch and made a list. My 5 ways of being an excellent shopaholic!

1. Start… Digging!
Let’s talk about that messy wardrobe of mine. First step, get everything out and start digging out what you do and what you don’t want.
Did you loose or gain weight and still have clothes in your closet that din’t fit? Get rid of them! In my case I got sick a few years ago and lost a lot of weight. I was a size 38 (us12) and went to a 32 (us6). I was drasticly underweight and I couldn’t eat a lot of things because my stomach just threw them out. Now I’m a steady weight and size 34 (us8). Only my wardrobe still has all those sizes in them. For over a year I’ve been like this so I was done, I got rid of everything that didn’t fit me anymore. If I gain weight again I will buy new things.

2. Start… Organizing!
So after you’ve got rid of all the things you don’t fit anymore, it’s time to start organizing. I have a very small closet and need to think smart because otherwise it doesn’t fit. I also stole half of my boyfriends closet but well, it was nessecary. To make more room for shirts and sweaters I decided to hang my pants on clothes hangers. It is way easier to pick what kind of pants I want to wear and they stay pretty too! So I also have a lot of dresses and since I live in chilly Holland, with dresses comes stockings. At first I thought I did well to put all of my stockings in one basket, but boy I was wrong.. I could never find the right one and after my search the basket was a huge mess. So I found organisers!


As you can see this is a great way to organize your stockings! The organisers are actually for underwear and socks but I find this more usefull to me.

3. Start… Deciding your style!
When you organize your stuff you might find something that you haven’t wore in a very long time. Get all those things together at one pile and start thinkin about why you don’t wear them anymore. Did you change your style or do you have nothing that goes with it? This is the time to decide about your style. You can have a very random style off course, if that is your thing. ( it totally is my thing!!) But before you get anything new, think about this.

4. Start… Rediscovering your stuff!
So that pile of things you haven’t wore for a long time? Start dressing up! Try them out one last time, if it is truly hidious you can throw it away, if it isn’t, consider wearing it again. Sometimes you don’t wear stuff for a while and after a year or so you might again like them. I always have a box of items that I can’t get rid of for some reason but I don’t let it take up space in my closet. If I really miss something I can take it back anytime. Most of the time I don’t miss anything but I did rediscovered some items again. I took the box and found some amazing stuff I forgot about and now I wear them all the time. So don’t be too hasty throwing stuff out.

5. Start… Shopping!!
Through this whole process you’ve might found out that it’s not nessecary to shop, but you can do it anyway. (I mean are you a shopaholic or what..?!) If you followed these steps you’ve thought about your style and what you want and most importantly, what you don’t want. So do you have some money and are you eager to shop, go and be the shopaholic you want to be!

Did you find this article helpfull? Or do you have a tip for other shopaholics like me? Leave a reply!

– JoanyM

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One thought on “My shopaholic ways!

  1. Yes. Yes. YES.

    This was so well written!! I hear ya! All 5 steps are so on point, I think I’m at the ‘decide your style’ & ‘shopping’ stages atm 🙂 And psshh there’s something about going to the mall (or even Walmart…!!) and wanting to leave with something haha being low on funds this month, I’ve been curbing my spending habits but what can I say, it’s easier said than done not to pick something up when you see so many pretty things…!! Oh man haha at least I’m not the only one!

    Great post!!

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