Beauty – The basics


I read a lot of beauty blogs and I really don’t know how you girls do it. You try out so many different things, what kind of jobs do you have?! So here is my first try at my own beauty review, and first things first: the basics.

I went to a Dutch shop called Douglas. This is a dream shop for every beauty loving girl. They only have beauty products and so many perfumes! What is so awesome about this shop is the fact that when you don’t know a lot about make-up, they give you advice. Not only advice, they also put it on your face and show you what the difference is before and after. They also give you tips about how to put it on and what is good for your skin type etcetera.

So my question was: ‘I need a good foundation or something basic that will last on stage (I really don’t want to sweat off my make-up) but I also want to use it in normal life.’ The make-up lady immediatly got a few items and started explaining:


Black up – Perfect Matifying Primer (€39,95     $54,95)
It is very important to start with a base layer. This base makes your skin soft and makes the foundation smooth in with your skin even more. It also makes your make-up last longer even though you might sweat. (Perfect!) Don’t take more then one pump, that’s all you need.


Givenchy – Teint Couture, Fluide Haute Tenue (€45,95     $63,21)
Now for foundation, again you only need to use one pump. It appeared to the girl that I have one of the most smoothest skin types, this makes her job a lot easier. My skin type is also very yellow and white, this sounds a little weird but I just don’t have a lot of red pigment in my face. What is very importent (!!) and what I didn’t know was that you should ALWAYS put on your foundation with a brush and not with your fingers. Why? Well, your fingers do not smooth the foundation as well as the brush does. With your finger you will easily put too much on your face. What is a lot of fun to try out is what the girl did to make me see the total difference: Do only half of your face. If you only do half of your face you will see the difference between the left and the right and well, it is amazing!


Anastasia – Highlighting Creme Duo (€41,95     $57,70)
After gawking at myself in the mirror it was time for some red pigment. This piece of make-up is super handy! It has a blusher at the top, and a highlighter in the bottom.



I had to smile and she put the blusher on my cheeks, it glittered a bit which gave a nice effect. The look I had right now I could wear everyday if I wanted to, it was simple and elegant. But there is still a highlighter in the bottom of the jar. This is for on stage (sometimes I also put it on during my dance class, it just looks awesome). You put the highlighter on your nose, under your eyebrows and next to your eyes above your blush (the place where your temple is). This gives you that extra bit on stage. Bright lights will reflect on these highlighted areas and make you even prettier. (YAY, that’s the point!)


The make-up wasn’t cheap, but I got these brushes and a little tester for another foundation (a little bit darker then the one I bought, for the summer when I get more color in my face) for free!

Total worth: €127,85      $175,87

(I used an online calculator to calculate the prices from euro’s to dollars)

Wow.. That was a lot of money! But it is very good make-up, I tested it with my dancing and it stays on and pretty. It doesn’t itch or fade, so my standpoint is that this make-up is totally worth the money! And this make-up will last me a year! So my costs for foundation this year are done, paid and in use!

What kind of foundation do you use? Leave a reply!

– JoanyM

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One thought on “Beauty – The basics

  1. What a beautiful products! I always thought that Anastasia only had products for eyebrows. I use different brands, Now I love Nutrilift gold BB cream (LÓreal) . It has a white color, but somehow it colors with your skintone!

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