Animal Crossing: New Leaf. New discovery!


I played animal crossing for 100 hours (I know that is a LOT, read about it here) and I never really looked on the internet for information. Sometimes I did and then I would type my question in Google, found my answer and moved on in my game. What I didn’t know about was that there is so much in animal crossing new leaf that it is inevetable that you look on the internet. There are so many possibilities in this game, it is almost endless. So through this process of looking on the internet I made some discovery’s I didn’t know about and they are awesome!! So in this post I share one of my newest discoveries.

New Save File
When you start up the game you always see the option: New Save File. I always thought that when you clicked that you could start the game over and be mayor in another town you create. I thought about creating another town but I have so many hours of gameplay in my sweet LeafCity (name of my town) that I just can’t start over. So I never clicked on: New Save File.

So as I was browsing through the internet for tips and tricks, I came across a blog which mentioned something I couldn’t understand. It said: ‘Blablabla I bought something and then I switched back to my mayor character…’
WHAAAAAT?!! You can have more then one character on animal crossing?! Well yes, you can! The option: New Save File is to add a new character to your already existing town!

Your first character is always the mayor, and the other 3 are residents. As this is my first animal crossing game, I’m kinda amazed wbout what you can do. So for my second character I added my boyfriend. (clichee but ah well) The story starts the same as the first character, on the train answering questions. Only all of the mayor duties are restricted. As a new resident you have to unlock certain stuff too. For instance:

Your house
When you come to the city you get to pick a place for your house. A tent will appear and you will have to pay 10.000 bells before your house gets build. The rest of the upgrades on your house are the same as your first house.

Tortimer – the island
To get acces to the island you will have to pay your first home loan (after the 10.000). Then Tortimer will appear and you can go to the island the day after you talked to him.

Sewing machine
With the sewing machine you can get designs from the internet through qr codes. With your second character you have to talk to mabel several times again before you can use it.

In the re-tail shop you can alter your furniture, Cyrus is in charge of this. He will be asleep for the second character again. To unlock him you will have to sell 100,000 bells worth of items to Reese, have 50 pieces of furniture and 10 pieces of clothing cataloged, and the player has played for 7 days.


So besides that it is really cool to have another character and house there are a few advantages I want to name specifically.

Storage space
This new person not only has a new empty house, he also has empty pockets and an empty closet! You can store a lot here and you have 180 slots at the post office for letters, and as you can attach presents (wrapped clothes/furniture) to letters you can store a lot here too.

Dream Suite
If you have the dream suite you might know that every time you update your dream you get 5.000 bells. Your second character can do the same, so you get another 5.000 bells.

Bell rock
Everyday you can hit a rock in your town and bells will come out (sometimes ore and nuggets). All of your characters get one rock per day.

As I am a huge collector of whole furniture sets I find it very hard to choose between sets I want to have. So when you add more characters, you get more space and when you complete all of your houses you end up with 24 rooms to fill! That means 24 sets to collect! At this moment I have 3 complete sets (pave, sleek in purple and spooky) and I have two sets nearly complete. (exotic and harvest)

Yeah I mean, why not?! When you play a lot you make a lot of bells and you can afford it. And come on, isn’t it is just awesome to show off your houses to other visitors?!

Do you have more then one character in your town? I’d love to see it sometime!

– JoanyM

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