Busy girl


So after my birthday my life went in superspeed! I had an exam at the university, did some sirious shopping, made my nails look so awesome and had a show at the Full Moon party in Amsterdam!


What was the exam about? Journalism.

I followed a course about the culture of journalism. It started at the beginning, what is journalism? And how did it evolve? It was mostly pointed on journalism in Holland but still it was very interesting. Since I’m a blogger now I sorta make journalism. WRONG!

What I learned in the course was that journalism can be many things, and the blogosphere is one way to make news. But ask yourself the question as a blogger, am I really making news? Or am I just randomly putting fun facts on the internet. What is news? Does it have to be bad or political? Well in the course you don’t get an answer, which I think is good because who knows the answer? Journalism is different for a lot of people, and to me my blog is just a fun way of saying what I think is fun and interesting.


I did some sirious shopping YES! I only have one picture of my new white heels but I also got black heels and silver ones. I might post a whole shoplog once though.


So as for my nails, it took me 3 hours since it was my first time experimenting with nail art, but I so love the result!


So as for my show at the Full Moon Party in Amsterdam. I got dressed op like a showgirl, and they gave me long blond hair! It was FABULOUS!




– JoanyM

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