Nail -art: Studs!!


My first try at a little bit of nail art! I always love doing my nails but never did more than just a fun color. As I had a show I’d figured my nails could look pretty, and so I started. I created a rock ‘n roll look with studs!

1. Base coat – Hema €2,50
As you can see in the picture I used 3 different nail polishes. I started with the base coat. When you apply a base coat this will help with the fact that your nailpolish will last longer. It also protects your nails. I used the base coat I bought at the Hema, but you can use any kind of base coat, as long as it says base coat on the bottle!

2. Color black – BarryM €1,00 (normally it’s €4,00)
So this nail polish I bought by accident and turned out to be great! It didn’t dry very fast but that was the point.

3. Studs 100 pieces – €4,00
I only used 20 of the 100 pieces but I ordered more so I can do my nails again someday! I bought it from someone else who did’t use them no kore so I don’t really now what the actual prize is. Anyway, I put the BarryM nailpolishon and with a pincet I put the studs IN the nailpolish. I let it dry and put another black layer on. (off course watch out for the studs!! Try to put them in the nailpolish so they will blend.

4. Top coat – Hema €2,50
Wait for the black nailpolish to dry. TIP: when you dry your nails, hold a bottle or something, this will prevent you from grabbing or doing other stuff that will ruin your nails! Finally you put on the top coat. I put the top coat on 3 times, this will help for the studs to stay on!

Total: €10,00
And I can even do my nails 3 times with what I bought!

Tip: When you loose one of your studs, add another one by using your top coat. Put the top coat on your nail and then add the stud. Then put another top coat layer over the whole thing and it’s dry within minutes!

Hope I inspired you!


– JoanyM

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