The beginning


It’s fun how wordpress keeps you updated on how you blog. For instance, last week I posted my 20th blog post!

My total followers at the moment are 31 on wordpress users and 6 on bloglovin. Guess I’m not that populair on bloglovin. I think it’s because just a few up there blog about random stuff, like me.

So why this post? I wanted to take you back to the moment I started this blog, because when I started I had a very other image of how my blog would look than I have now.

So when I started my blog, something I’ve always wanted, I looked on the internet for tips. I found a couple of good sites and figured I would just wing it at first. So I did. The first choice was to write in Dutch or English, I instantly went for English because this is THE most fun way to keep your English sharp.
Now when I started my blog I was lying in bed all day because of my back, this was very helpfull for me to start my blog. I had lots of time to write a lot of posts to make a good beginning at my blog. What was most importent for me was looking  at other (succesfull) blogs. I saw what they did and figured, I can do the same thing! If I write about the same kind of stuff, I will get lots of followers!
As I read on many (MANY) sites with blogging tips they all say that you don’t need to blog for your followers, but for yourself. That is totally true, but a lot of followers would be nice to right? So I just did what I did and made blogposts every week, and I got more followers!

So what has changed?
The fact that my blog isn’t NEW anymore. When something is new it screams and shouts and I always feel exited to work on it. Now I’m at STAGE 2: Keep it going! I still get exited when I go to my blog and I always have my notebook with me to write down new ideas. Also I’m finishing school in about two months so I’m extremely busy, but one blog post a week is not that much work I guess. I also see when I look back at my posts that I blog totally random, the list of catagories is still growing!

So I did add something new to my blog, from now on I have a facebook page and google + account. I figured the people I know might like my blog too and this way they can follow me easier, as can you!
Facebook page: Meet JoanyM

Google + page : Meet JoanyM

I also added a youtube channel: The JoanyM Channel – There is nothing on it so far, but I have some plans for the future (when I’m done with school) I just figured I now have the whole complete package of social media.

So everything is complete now, also added a new header at the home page.

This is the update for now, like, follow, add me for more!


– JoanyM

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