Game & Wario for Wii U!


When I saw the trailer for this game it was so weird and looked so much fun that when I saw the game with a discount I had to buy it. So what is this game like? It could either suck donkeyballs or be WAYY fun. Let’s start the review!

You start the Singleplayer mode with one game and when you completed that, you unluck the next. You also unlock different levels for the games after you’ve played the first level. This game shows what the Wii U is capable of. Every mini game has a feature for the gamepad, it makes you use it on so many different ways, it is unbelieveble. For example let me show you my favorite mini game!


This is the mini game called: Gamer. The tv shows how you are in your bed and your mom says you should go to sleep. You actually want to play some awesome minigames. The objective in this game is to play the minigames and don’t get caught by your mom! The Gamepad is the device where you play the minigames on and at the same time you have to check the tv because your mom can come in any time. If she catches you it is Game Overrr.. I love this game because the minigames are fun and it is so stressfull when you get caught. My boyfriend and I played it together so one of us could watch the tv and could shout: HIDE!! When the mom came in, and the other one could play the minigames.

The diversity of the games is huge what makes it very fun to play. With every game you played you recieve a token and with that you can unlock some sort of cards and animations. I don’t really care that much about that and that’s a shame. If it were cool bonus levels you could unlock I would play the games over and over to get it. The cards and animations are just not that cool enough for me. Maybe other people who played more of other Wario gamed actually do like them but I just don’t care enough I guess. That does mean that after I played everything I had no reason to play it again. Maybe in a little while I start the game over and play everything again.

I do have to tell you about the way the game is made!! For every minigame they use another kind of animation! The mini game: kung-fu is a very good example. (and also one of my favorites!!)


This is how it looks, all with drawings! The gameplay is fun to, the character jumps and you move the gamepad up and down and left and right to jump higher and land properly. At first it was really difficult but after you get the hang of it, it is really fun!!

There is also a multiplayer mode! I was very curious and a little bit dissapointed as there were only 4 minigames you could play in multiplayer. They are really fun, but you can’t play the same games over and over again. They will get boring at some point.

I guess this game is a lot of fun to play and totally worth the time, I just think the game should be cheaper. I got the game at a discount and for €30 euros this game is fantastic! Normally the game is €40 euros and well, for that money you can also get a lot of other cool games. So my advise for this game is to buy it if you can get it for a good price.

Here’s the trailer. In the trailer they show a lot of the games and how the game pad is used, worth watching to get a good impression!

– JoanyM

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