Nail art: Easy Awesomeness!


Yes, I said this Nail art was easy! I did it myself, even with my left hand. Last time I did black nails wit silver studs but now I thought it would be fun to mix it up a little bit.

1. Hot pink! – Rimmel 60 seconds
I got the hot pink colour at a discount and I have to say it is so worth the money!! The pink colour only needed one layer and looks beautifull. You need to apply a base layer first off course. I started with this pink colour but next time I think I will try to start with the black.

2. Gemstones – Local cheap-ass store (big bazaar in Holland)
I wanted something that looked like studs but different. In the package I bought were many different gemstones and I choose these because they made a clean line very easy. After the hot pink I put on the stones with a pincet. I added a top coat layer to make them stay on.

3. Deep black – W.I.C by Herome (can’t find the o with the ^)
For my last nail art I used the black polish from BarryM but when I put it over the hot pink it needed 3 (!!) layers to be really black. So I got another black polish from my stash and this is actually one that is specially for nail art. It has a tiny brush which allows you to draw on your nail. This made it very easy to apply next to the stones. This polish was very black with only one layer. I put on two top coats because of the gemstones.


I’m loving my nails and I will probably do this nail art over and over again. It took me 40-50 minutes to put on so it was a nice break from my homework. Normally I post how expensive the mail polishes were but I actually don’t know anymore. Here is a picture of everything I used, you can always look the polishes up on the internet.


Thanks for reading!

– JoanyM

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