App: Room for thought!


Yes, a new app for people who love taking pictures! The app is called ‘Room for thought’ and as simple as it is, I like it! So what can you do with this app?

The app sends you a reminder every day at a random time. When you get this notification to make a picture it is suggested you do it at once. When you press the notification you will get an animation. After you watch the animation you have 3 seconds to make a picture.

You can edit the photo with a few filters and you can make one thing sharp and the rest blurred if you want. Sort of like instagram but this app is sponsored by Aviary. Aviary is an app for your phone with filters for your pictures. Now when your done editing you can upload the picture to your album. You can also choose that your picture will not be placed in a public album, you and you alone can see the picture in your own album.

I’ve tried this app for a month now and I still love taking pictures at random times. Sometimes I’ll wait to open the notification because I’m home a lot and I’ll open the app when I’m away at some more interesting place then home.

I have just one thing that I find a shame. You can go to the app and see random pictures taken on the time you open the app and that is fun, you get to see a lot of other people doing whatever they do. It’s just that I would like to see people I know, their albums. Now you just see your own album and the public pictures of random people. Anyway that’s just one thing I miss.

Here you can see a few of my images:


Got myself a new haircolor


Busy with my artwork – making my own comic book


KFC is the best!!


Cuddling with my sweet Lilly (she turned one today!!)


Loving my nails!!


With my new hair and new sunglasses on my way to do groceries!


Present for the cats since now they are both one year old!

Hope you like the app as much as I do! Have fun with it!

– JoanyM

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