E3 favorites: Nintendo

image JUMP JUMP JUMP yes I am excited about so many of the games that were announced at the e3!! If I had to choose between the Ps, Xbox or Nintendo console, I would definately choose Nintendo! (Luckaly I don’t have to choose YAYY) This is why I start with showing you everything from the Nintendo e3 I am looking forward too, this and next year!

The legend of Zelda (2015, and probably near the ending of 2015..) Finally some insight in when the all new zelda game will come, and a little preview with it. I was hoping to see more but since this game is coming out in 2015 I guess it was enough. Hopefully next year it will be playable when the e3 is happening! So what is so fantastic about a new Zelda game? (Well, everything duhh) Anyway, what they said in the e3 was that this game is so big that it gives you the feeling of complete freedom. The puzzeling will start at the moment you decide what direction you are going. The art style is quite impressive! I was sceptic first, but then I realized that since I was streaming the e3 via youtube, the quality couldn’t be that good. So I checked later on the internet and now it’s freaking amazing. Curious about what I’m mumbling about? Here’s a piece of the new zelda:

Yoshi’s Woolly World (2015) Sooooo cute! Not just very cute but this is the kind of thing that I want people to see when they say the wii U sucks. Little Yoshi made of wool, the graphics are so beautifull!! The game seems like fun too, especially since you can play this game in multiplayer and you can help each other out. I think platform games are always fun and the last Yoshi game (for 3ds) was in most of the reviews a little bit too easy so I hope that with this game it will be super epic on the wii U! Here’s the trailer:

Splatoon (First half of 2015) This game looks like fun instantly. I was just a little bit curious about how many levels there would be and how long this game could still be fun. The answer was: ONLINE gaming! Ever since I got mario kart 8 I know the feeling of addiction that online gaming brings with it. There are just ALWAYS people to play with. And with the new features of the wii U, you can easily select your friend to play with you and battle against another team. So what is it you do with this game? You are in a team with 3 other people and you all have paint guns. You paint the surroundings and the team which covered most of the level with it’s colour paint, wins! Oh and how awesome is it that they designed the characters in a way that they can turn into squids and swim in their own paint colour?? Watch the trailer here:

Mario Party 10 (2015) This game looks a lot like mario party 9 and that is a very GOOD thing! The last mario party was so much fun, my boyfriend and I played hours of it. The only thing with the game is that when you put it in now, you know all the minigames and we’re so good at them now it was really about time Nintendo announced a new one. So they did! Too bad it will come out in 2015 because I can’t wait! (If you have the same problem a way in between is possible. The wii U party game also includes a couple of fun board games, the rest of the game is not much but if you like board games, it will be fantastic!) Here’s the trailer for mario party 10!

Super Smash Bros (2014) I guess this is the only game in my top that will come out this year, too bad! Luckaly I have a whole lot of catching up to do since I am almost done with school and then I can play anything I want! (Top of my to do list: All of the zeldag games!) Anyway, Smash bros has always been a populair game and I am a little bit ashamed for saying so but: I never really played it! Okay, okay, relax your muscle, I have played it at a friends house but you know, they kicked my ass so bad I just never played again. Little bit dramatic but I knew the new smash bros was coming out so I just thought I should wait till that was here. And now it’s coming closer and closer and I finally got all the details about that little square on the left below corner on the wii u gamepad. It is called Amibo and it is to awesome to explain myself. Check it out:

– JoanyM

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2 thoughts on “E3 favorites: Nintendo

  1. Ik vind Yoshi’s Woolly World er echt zo cute uit zien šŸ˜€ En ik kan echt niet wachten op de nieuwe Zelda game, die wordt zo awesome ā¤

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