The hair and the changes


Here is an update in the life of JoanyM. (Okay, okay, gonna say it…. Some of the bloggers online call this sort of post a: PLOG. You know Photo-log. I think this title just reminds me of something a farmer would do but ah well, let’s stop the inner babble.)

The hair and the changes.

From the moment I started to change my style of hair my life went in superspeed. Not because of the hair but just because I was just a few weeks from getting my diploma. Sleep was not an option, so in between school I found my peace in changing my hair a lot. (girls gotta do their hair right?!) As some of you know when I started this blog my hair was already red and looked like this:


It looked nice, red hair is kind of my thing, just love the bright color! Anyway this is the photo I used when I had my blog for 2 months. (So yeah, I started a blog in the end of my college years, gotta have somewhere to put your thoughts) Now a friend from my dancing group offered to me that if I wanted extentions, she could help me, all I had to do was buy the hair. I have always wanted long hair so I almost ran to the store to buy some. They only had one pack extentions that had a similar color to my hair so I bought that and figured I painted my hair in the haircolor of the extentions. I so loved the result!!!


The extentions are put in my hair with clips, this way I can get them off and on easily and dye my hair without damaging the extentions. I loved this look but soonmostof the extention hair was falling out (it was so cheap and so fake) so probably two weeks later I started to mix it with black. I loved that even more !!


I really love this combination and as my final exposition for school was coming up I felt awesome. This photo was from where I was hostess ona party for the vips and as you can see handed out candy for the people dancing. I even made the newspaper ( it is in Dutch but you can see me anyways so..)


For school I made a comic, or graphic novel in my case. It was 12 pages long and I worked on it for a whole year. This was the last thing for my diploma and I was so freaking glad I got my points! That ment I am now officially a teacher in art. This picture shows my graphic novel. I placed two to read at the exposition.


My cards were next to it and all of the students got a cube with their picture and information on it. So I got my diploma, YESYESYES!!!!

Now freaking what….. Lucky me I wanted to do something else for a while and got asked for a job in sales. So yeah, working there for a month now and I’m pretty good at it so far. (I see an opportunity….. Future business woman in the house…?!) Don’t know about that but we will see. So since I am a working girl I figured I needed to change my hair again ( suprise!). This is the new look, didn’t know it could be as awesome as I think it is.


So yeah this is the new look and I’m loving it!! To close of this post I will end with the most recent picture I have (from this morning) when I was on my way to work in the rain.


– JoanyM


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