Game boy phone case


Ohh yeaah! I so love the new phone case I got! I have my new phone since august and I waited for the right idea for a phone case untill now. I hesitated when I looked at phone cases with mario or luigi. Everytime I had ‘no money’ to spend. When I saw this one, I didn’t even think about money, I instantly clicked buy!


I have a sony xperia z2 and I bought the case on ebay voor € 12 something. (with sending to Holland). Someone I know has a phone case what lookes like a nintendo controller and I was like so jealous I didn’t think of something like that sooner. So when I saw the gameboy phone cases I was in such a hurry to buy that I accidentally bought a case for my old phone which was a samsung. When it got in I laughed and luckaly I could return it. So finally I got the right one and I can show off my new phone case.

Now when someone sees my phone they laugh and sometimes people pick it up like ‘did you bring your gameboy to work?’ When you get close it’s pretty obvious that it’s not real but that’s okay, I love it anyway.

What do you think about my new phone case?

– JoanyM



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