My first stills act!


As some of my lovely followers might know I dance with a dancing group. Sometimes I haves shows/gigs with my dancing group which is a lot of fun. One time I got asked to be a rollerskate girl at a party with someone else. She was on stills and together we were an act. It was super fun and the act on stills looked amazing. I figured, I want this too! I applied myself with Variety cirque and theatre agency and started training every week. Wanna know how I looked the first time in costume?!


Yep that’s me! Every friday I work on my walk, it is a lot more work than I originally thought it would be but I’m getting the hang of it. Walking goed well, now I need to practise with my costume on every time and I need to learn a pirouette! I’m also working on a trick where I’m on the ground and then with my stills I get standing. I really can’t explain well, but luckaly I made a video of me doing the trick (with help off course). You can find it here on my instagram.


In the picture above I’m standing on the stills for the very first time. (I look pretty scared haha!) What a difference with now and if you’ve seen the instagram movie, I’m a lot further. A few weeks ago I had my first real gig on the stills. People were everywhere and I was pretty nervous. In the picture below you can see the whole act named Flora, Fleuriana and Rosalie. I’m the left one on the stills!!


Very cirque du soleil don’t you think? For more info about Variety you can always visit the website:


– JoanyM



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