The beginning


It’s fun how wordpress keeps you updated on how you blog. For instance, last week I posted my 20th blog post!

My total followers at the moment are 31 on wordpress users and 6 on bloglovin. Guess I’m not that populair on bloglovin. I think it’s because just a few up there blog about random stuff, like me.

So why this post? I wanted to take you back to the moment I started this blog, because when I started I had a very other image of how my blog would look than I have now.

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So many apps!


Lots and lots of people have smartphones these days. I have a Samsung galaxy SII. It’s not the newest and it already has a scratch on the display but still, it works. Every month I try out new apps and games on my mobile untill it is full. My mobile memory is full all the time and that’s mostly because of the many updates the apps require. Because of that I started thinking about a tablet. (and it would be super awesome to have one off course!)
I bought the Sony Xperia Z. It works fantastic! Quick, waterproof and has an amazing screen. Now I have even more space to install apps on. Wanna see wich apps I have on my tablet and phone? Keep reading…~!

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