First things first: welcome to my blog!

My full name is Joan Smit, but my nickname is JoanyM. For games and other user information I kinda always call myself JoanyM. So for a blog name, perfect! So who am I?


A random girl with a random blog, I guess. I was born in the year 1992 and I live in Holland. I’m a worker girl since I got my diploma in art & education. I really like the fact that I’m done with school because, no more homework! (woohooo)

I have a passion for dancing and currently I do showdance. I’m in a group called Twostepforward. We do a lot of different types of dancing which I really like, little bit of hiphop, modern, salsa, disco, you name it. Through dancing I was at a gig once where I was a rollerskate girl with someone on stills. The girl on the stills looked amazing and I figured, I want that too! I applied myself with Variety Cirque and theatre agency and they were happy to train me. If you are wondering what the hell I’m talking about, here a picture of the act. The left one on stills is me!


Another passion: GAMING!! I love to game and many different games too. I have a Nintendo 3ds XL, Xbox 360, Wii U and PlayStation 4. And no, t’s not all for me, as I live together with my boyfriend and we are both gamers, it’s also for him. His name is Seth and we’re together since december 2011, and still totally in love ❤

As my last hobby; blogging! (you guys should know right ~!)

I’m also always interested in creative ideas, projects or something, so if you have an idea, let me know! (Contact page)


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