My first stills act!


As some of my lovely followers might know I dance with a dancing group. Sometimes I haves shows/gigs with my dancing group which is a lot of fun. One time I got asked to be a rollerskate girl at a party with someone else. She was on stills and together we were an act. It was super fun and the act on stills looked amazing. I figured, I want this too! I applied myself with Variety cirque and theatre agency and started training every week. Wanna know how I looked the first time in costume?!

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E3 favorites: Nintendo

image JUMP JUMP JUMP yes I am excited about so many of the games that were announced at the e3!! If I had to choose between the Ps, Xbox or Nintendo console, I would definately choose Nintendo! (Luckaly I don’t have to choose YAYY) This is why I start with showing you everything from the Nintendo e3 I am looking forward too, this and next year!
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The beginning


It’s fun how wordpress keeps you updated on how you blog. For instance, last week I posted my 20th blog post!

My total followers at the moment are 31 on wordpress users and 6 on bloglovin. Guess I’m not that populair on bloglovin. I think it’s because just a few up there blog about random stuff, like me.

So why this post? I wanted to take you back to the moment I started this blog, because when I started I had a very other image of how my blog would look than I have now.

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